About Us

It's a Stiller Gang World - The Earth Is Our Turf!

Founded in 2011, Stiller Gang is a worldwide movement based in the Steel City. It is comprised of Pittsburgh Football fans from around the world, with chapters as far-ranging as Mexico, Germany, The UK, and beyond! Fan Blitz, training camp, and every single Pittsburgh football game on the schedule is where yinz can find us supporting the team, and all are welcome to join! The purpose of Stiller Gang is to unite fans under a common banner of brotherhood and unity. From the sports teams to the local food & drink, the historical sites to the exploding art and music scene - everything relating to yinzer culture can be found with us!

No membership fees or rituals are required to join the movement. All that is required for one to have is undying loyalty to the greatest football team on Earth!

Bang Bang Stiller Gang!

Social Media

Follow @stillergang on all social media platforms and tune in! Updates, commentary, videos, music and more are consistently posted to keep you informed about all things pertaining to Pittsburgh Football and the culture of the City of Steel! Tag us in your game day and fan pics using the hashtags #BBSG & #StillerGang. 

Game Weekends

Every Stillers game, whether at home or away, yinz have a place with the Stiller Gang! During home game weekends, we host the infamous Terrible Tailgate (@theterribletailgate on IG) that all are welcome to attend. We also gather at predetermined locations the night before the game for meet and greets with all of the local and visiting fans. During games, we gather at the top level of the visitors side rotunda with our 40 ft wide banner. The view is great, and we invite all to join us there when in Heinz Field. During away games, we bring the tailgate, meet and greets, and our undying support with us to invade other cities with Black & Gold! All locations and other information are posted on our social media sites and in the Stiller Gang app!

Stiller Gang Gold Ale

We have collaborated with Rivertowne Brewing to bring the Nation our very own beer to quench our thirst on football Sunday! Stiller Gang Gold is a smooth ale that packs a punch! Carried by over 80 Pittsburgh area locations, yinz can use the Beer Store Locator in the menu options at stillergang.com to find a distributor near you. Our beer is coming soon to the rest of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and North Carolina!

Stiller Gang Gear

High quality merchandise that is perfect for the football season can be found in our official store at stillergang.com and at Yinzers in the Burgh's retail locations in the Strip District. Our inventory is constantly changing as we bring in new products and the weather changes, so yinz can root for the team in style!